Maintenance Contracts

Our most popular service offered are Flowerbed and Shrub bed maintenance contracts. Most landscaping companies that offer mowing services also offer to maintain the bed areas as part of their service. What we have found through customer testimonies, is that these companies maintain the lawn well but end up falling short on maintaining the bed areas, the results are bare minimum at best. The background picture displayed here is a prime example of just that. Notice how the shrubs are overtaking the home but the grass is beautifully maintained.

What's included with a Lane Pro Contract? We build each unique contract to cater to the needs of plants. Some species require 6 hedges a year to maintain the desired height and shape. Some species need pruning at certain times of the year. We typically visit a property that is under contract 6-7 times a year for weeding, hedging, pruning, inspection of plants health, mulching, pine needle applications and bed edging.